Wednesday 11 December 2019

44 Cats

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Kids are often little creatures of habit. The same snack after school, the same cuddly toy at bedtime and the same TV shows on repeat. With multiple TV channels and lots to choose from you'd like to think they'd watch lots of different things but no!

It's exactly the same here, and as we are on festive overload our TV watching is also Christmassy, but even for a Christmas superfan like me it can be a bit much! I probably shouldn't start so early!

As a bit of light relief we've been watching 44 Cats!

4 cartoons cats with different cool styles

A new series created by the studio behind Winx Club and Regal Academy, and available on Pop TV (Freeview) and Nick Jnr, 44 Cats features the adventures of Lampo, Milady, Meatball and Pilou.

4 different cats with different cool styles

Episodes are around 18 minutes long and show the characters working together, helping one another, fun and friendship. We're big fans of programs that show kindness and working as a team, as I think examples can often lead to kids understanding the importance of it and why it's mentioned so much at school. 44 Cats certainly does that! Our 5 year old is really enjoying!

Little boy watching 44 Cats

With short episodes it keeps kids attention and with the funny, quirky cat characters and their adventures they don't have chance to get bored! With girl and boy cats of different sizes it's a diverse mix of personalities.

There's also some great tunes with the 44 Cats band Buffycats, which toddlers will definitely love!

Want to give 44 Cats a watch? Check out your TV listings or find it on YouTube here.

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