Friday 20 December 2019

Super Easy Festive Bakes!

I love to bake and come up with new recipes and treats, especially at Christmas.

Over the festive period though, there isn't always the time to bake is there? But if you still want to bake a festive treat there are some easy options too!

Here's a selection of super easy festive bakes for you to try!

Baking ingredients and utensils laid out and in use

Reindeer Cupcakes 
These may look a little on the complicated side but I'm all about easy and effective bakes!! These red velvet Reindeer Cupcakes are made using a Betty Crocker cake mix and vanilla frosting, along with sprinkles and chocolate reindeer. Simply bake and decorate!!

Red velvet cupcakes decorated with reindeer shaped sprinkles, with some cakes also having a chocolate reindeer in the centre

Malteaser Biscuit Cake 
Created by Two Plus Dogs, this Malteaser Biscuit Cake can be made in minutes and requires no baking!! The only hard part is trying not to eat the chocolate whilst you make it!!

Box of Malteaser cake

Christmas Star Bites
When I created this quick and easy bake last year these Christmas Star Bites lasted less than a day in our house! Using ready made pastry makes them a time friendly alternative to mince pies.

Pastry bites shaped like stars

Another great use for the Betty Crocker red velvent mix is a sweet treat for your dairy free friends and family members. Made by The Less-Refined Mind, these Chocolate Truffles can make up to 40 truffles, meaning they'll be plenty to go round!

Truffles covered in white chocolate and sprinkles

Messy Jam Tarts
If you're looking for a alternative to a traditional jam tart, these Messy Jam Tarts will do the job! Use ready made pastry and meringues for an eye catching bake with minimal effort!

Jam tarts topped with meringue and messy chocolate

Do you have a quick and easy bake that you knock up for Christmas? 

Mummy Snowy Owl

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