Tuesday 17 March 2020

5 Tips To Ensure Your Family Stay Friends When Stuck Inside

So, if you're reading this you're possibly stuck inside with your family, or face being inside with them, for a long time. Be it a snowstorm, a virus or a hurricane, you're in your home for a long period with those you love the most, but will you like each other by the end of it??

Here's 5 tips to ensure your family stay friends when stuck inside!

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1. Remember Your Manners

When you're with each other 24/7, you may find that you start to forget your please and thank yous. It may not seem like a big deal but you could soon get on each others nerves if you forget to say thanks for the cuppa or don't add a please when you ask for help round the house.

2. Keep Busy

If you're all laying on the sofa arguing about what to watch on Netflix or trying to use the WiFi, you're going to get on each others nerves. So keep yourselves busy, do a bit of DIY, get out in the garden or have a sort of your wardrobe. Just do something to busy your hands and minds a little.

3. Have Time Apart

Keeping your distance and having a little time apart can give everyone a much needed breather, especially if you have a house full of people. Try and let each person have a little time to themselves. Whether it be a much needed quiet cuppa for the parent managing homeschooling and working from home all at the same time, a teenager that wants to have half an hour gaming instead of being asked about school work or a 5 year old that wants to scream and run round the garden and have a break from phonics. Sometimes we all need a bit of time away from each other.

4. Binge Watch Together

Hopefully, as a family there's something you all quite like. For us its Marvel, house renovation shows (yes, even our 5 year old likes them), anything Disney and nature programs. If there's a time that we all sit down together it will be one of these that will go on without any arguing. Staying inside and self isolating would be a great time to pick something to watch together, you'll just need to find something to agree on! 

5. Plan The Future Together

Being cooped up inside and not knowing when things will go back to 'normal' may make you all feel like you're stuck in a rut and living in limbo. Why not take the time to plan things you'd like to do when your time stuck inside with your family is over. Make a list of places you'd like to visit, holidays you'd like to take, little adventures you'd like to go on and give yourself a whole load of things to look forward to. 

Because when all this is over and done, you're family, those you've been stuck inside with for days, weeks or even months, will hopefully still be your friends too!

Mummy Snowy Owl

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