Sunday 15 March 2020

8 Things To Do Before You Self Isolate

There's lots in the news about self isolation and for those that are older or vulnerable health wise to stay indoors. Many are making the decision to self isolate before the virus hits them or their loved ones.

As a family our son's school and my husband's workplace remains open but we are reducing our contact with the outside word and are asking older or vulnerable family members and friends to do the same. That's if they will listen!!

I've been having a bit of a think about if we do have to fully self isolate or go on a full lock down and what I could do to plan ahead. Obviously, if you're unwell already this won't apply. Anyway, I've made a list and thought I'd share it with you, but before I do I'd like to add something. This is advice from someone that likes to plan ahead, someone that also has elderly and vulnerable people to watch over and someone that copes by being organised and writing lists. This is not to encourage stockpiling and selfish behaviour.

How we deal with this situation happening around the world will me marked in history. Our children see us. They take it all in. Stay calm. Only take what you need. Help others if you can. Just like a few weeks ago, be kind.

Now, here's 8 things to do before you self isolate.

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1. Meal Plan

Make a list of all you have in the fridge, freezer and cupboards and plan your meals. You might be a keen meal planner and have this in hand, BUT do you plan everything? Snacks? How long the cereal will last?? Now, is the time to go OTT with the meal planning. How long will those tea bags last if you can't go out. Will you use all the ham in the fridge before it's date is up. List and plan everything and when the time comes to isolate stick to that plan. 

2. Shop

If you have done your meal plan and find you still need a few additional items, it's time to make a list and head to the shops. Check the dates on items as you buy them and only buy what you need. There is plenty to go round as long as people don't go to extremes.

3. Get Medication

I've been telling my parents to prepare for staying indoors for days, so imagine the look on my face when they called needing ibuprofen! They are now getting their prescriptions in order and luckily their GP surgery is taking phone requests again. Obviously, don't over order and don't get them if you don't need them yet.

4. Prep Elderly Family Members

They can sometimes be a bit of hard work and often think the rules don't apply to them, but elderly family members and neighbours need to make sure they are ready to stay in and self isolate. Helping them could be something as simple as helping them with a meal plan, ordering them milk from the milkman or passing on information being shared by their GP's surgeries on social media. An example of the latter is that the surgery my parents use changed their prescription ordering rules and as this was shared on social media they had noway of knowing. Check in regularly with them and make sure they are ready to self isolate. 

5. Plan A Day Structure

Being out of routine for a long period could make the days grow long and boring, a bit like that bit between Christmas and New Year.  Days could be lost binge watching TV and before you know it's 2am, you sleep in, get up late and repeat. Try and plan the day a little and give yourself some structure. Set time for chores, going out in the garden, reading etc. If you have kids and are home schooling a structure may help a lot. 

6. Make Lists

Do you have a lot of little jobs that you never get done? Cleaning the windows, shredding and filing, cleaning the carpets, printing photos and putting them in albums, Marie Kondoing your life? Make a list and try and do one or two things off it a day.

7. Make Sure You Have Things To Do

Staying inside for long periods of time could easily be boring and you may find yourself doing the same old things, day in, day out. Prepare for staying inside by making sure you have lots to do. Books, baking, jigsaws, gaming, gardening, crafting, are all ways of keeping busy. 

8. Get Your Documents In Order

Time spent inside may give you time to get paperwork in order but with the current situation it would be a good time to do it. If we enter a difficult financial time and you need to request a mortgage holiday, reduce direct debits etc, do you have all your account details to hand. It would also be a good idea to have documents like wills and insurances up to date and kept securely. Make a family member aware of where they are kept just in case something serious happens.

So, now you have 8 things to do before you shut off from the world a little and self isolate. As I mentioned before, be kind, we are all in this together.

Mummy Snowy Owl

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