Thursday 26 March 2020

5 Homeschooling Must Haves!!

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Who'd have thought a few months ago that nearly everyone in the country, if not the world, would be homeschooling!! There's a lot to take in and there's a lot to learn, and that's just for us grownups.

There's also a lot to think about at the moment and you may feel like you have the weight of the world on your shoulders and a lot of plates spinning. Let's try and make homeschooling something you can control and simplify with a few must haves.

Here's my must haves for homeschooling.......

School supplies, tape, pens, scissors and crayons laid out

Stationary & Craft Supplies

Within an hour of the school closures being announced I was at the Poundland checkout with a basket full of crayons, paper, craft supplies and workbooks. If you're not the type of person that usually has craft supplies or are on a budget, you don't need to splash out on a huge amount of stuff. Essentially, you'll need kids scissors, glue, crayons, paper and maybe card. I buy these from bargain stores as you can purchase them in smaller amounts for a lower price and don't need to buy a whole ream or box of paper for example.


Not a physical item but as I mentioned this last week in Why I'm Going To Stick To A Routine Whilst Homeschooling, a routine is something we need. To ensure our son's school work gets done and we have at least this under control and organised, we are sticking to a routine from the beginning. It doesn't have to be a strict one, as simply being up and dressed and ready for homeschooling by a set time might be enough for you and the kids.

School Guidance

Those that home educate tend to have to source all their own activities and projects, but for many of us thrown into homeschooling we are in a lucky position that our children's schools are giving us daily tasks and activities, along with online resources. Although you may want a relaxed approach to home educating, following the school's guidance is a must when trying to keep your child on track with their education.

Online Support & Tutors

If your child's school is unable to provide activities and you're completely home educating with out guidance, you may want professional advice or support form an educator. Companies like Tutor House can match you with a tutor, some of which specialise in homeschooling, and offer services for various Key Stages.  Ideal for the current climate, they also offer tutoring online. Tutor House also offer online classes, meaning if your budget allows, you can pass over some of the stress of homeschooling to them and be sure that your little one is keeping up to date.

Educational Sites

My final must have for homeschooling is online resources like educational sites Twinkl, Numbots and PhonicsPlay. Many offer parent and child resources alongside those used by teachers, or are offering access due to the school closures. Numbots helps with maths practice, PhonicsPlay is full of games to help practice phonics and Twinkl has various activities, worksheets, colouring pages and games for nearly every subject possible!

So, now you have my 5 homeschooling must haves! Utilise them all and you'll have homeschooling mastered in no time at all!!

Mummy Snowy Owl

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