Sunday 23 February 2020

Making A Sustainable Change - Glass Jars

Last time with Making A Sustainable Change, I spoke about recycling and how getting to grips with it can make a big difference to the environment and is a great way to get started with making a sustainable change.

Now, I'm going to slim down parts of that and talk about individual items, how to recycle, upcycle or dispose of them in a way that's good for the environment and not too problematic for you.

This time we're looking at glass jars.

Collection of glass jars, all different sizes

So, this is a pretty obvious one but the easiest way to deal with your used glass jars is to simply recycle them. Make sure they are thoroughly cleaned and put in the correct bin or recycling bag. If you're local authority or council don't recycle glass as part of your bin collections you maybe to recycle them at your local recycling centre or bottle bank. You can check where and how to recycle your glass jars over at Recycle Now.

Like many crafters I love a good upcycling project and glass jars can be used for various craft projects.  Lots of crafters paint glass jars, turn them into candles or decorate them. My personal faves are to make tealight holders and I've done both Autumn and Winter themes, with the latter, pictured below, featuring in sustainable magazine, Be Kind.  

Glass jars decorated to look as they are covered in snow with string and berries tide around the top

Apart from the usual upcycling there are other ways to reuse your glass jars and it wasn't until recently that I realised how many we were using around the house! Pen pots, makeup brush holders, as well as foodie items like homemade jam, cocktails in the summer and, of course, our Unicorn Sundaes, all utilise glass jars.

Pass On
If reusing, crafting or upcycling aren't your thing, there's plenty of people that will take your glass jars off your hands. So, if you've got quite a few going spare pop them on Freecycle and you may find a keen crafter will snatch them off you. If you want to make a few extra pounds you might even want to create a bit of a stockpile and pop them on eBay. List them as collection only and if they don't sell you can just recycle them!

Now you've got an idea of how you can use glass jars to make a sustainable change, are you going to upcycle, recycle, reuse or pass on?

Mummy Snowy Owl

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