Friday 18 October 2019

What Do With Pumpkin Leftovers!!

With pumpkins in season over the autumn months they are a key part of Halloween celebrations. The supermarkets and greengrocers are full of them and many of us will buy one to carve with the kids. 

When carving a pumpkin though, the mushy filling can often go to waste but what can you do with it? Well, here's some ideas on what to do with pumpkin leftovers!

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Feed The Animals
It's been shared a lot on social media that squirrels love pumpkin leftovers, whether it be the mushy centre or the outer pumpkin after Halloween has done, they love to fill their little tummies with it. Chickens are also a big fan of pumpkins (and most veggie waste) so bag up those leftovers and pass on to someone with chucks or pass to your local farm or allotments.

Make Soup
Using your pumpkin leftovers for soup is a great way to make sure those fillings don't go to waste. Mix with other root vegetables and make this Autumnal Root Vegetable Soup by Attachment Mummy or cook fast with this Quick and Easy Pumpkin Soup by Country Heart and Home.

Bake Pumpkin Pie
Puree your pumpkin mush and create a delicious pumpkin pie. I think this Pumpkin Pie by Country Heart and Home is one that will definitely be going on our baking list for the next few weeks! 

Plant The Seeds
Do you fancy growing your own pumpkins? Start your own little vegetable garden and plant the seeds to create your own pumpkin patch next year. If you've got little ones they'll love to see the pumpkins grow and it'll save you visiting a patch next time!

Freeze For Later
Not sure that you want to use your pumpkin centre right now? Bag it up and freeze it for later. Maybe even save if for a recipe nearer to Christmas.

Make Lattes
Love a good pumpkin latte? Use your pumpkin leftovers to make puree and add in milk and spices for a homemade latte. Have a look at this recipe Pumpkin Spice Latte by Muddy Footprints for the recipe.

With all these ideas for your pumpkin leftovers you can definitely use up that pumpkin mush!

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