Wednesday 30 October 2019

Tips For Bloggers ~ How To Get More Views

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Blogging is a fantastic tool for sharing your expertise and generating more traffic to your website. However, it can feel quite demotivating when you invest your time into a blog post that no one is reading. 

Driving traffic to a website is a big challenge for bloggers, but there are plenty of clever tactics you can use in order to see results. Read on for some helpful advice from an award winning digital agency in North London…

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Share on social media
Social media platforms are an ideal place to share your blogs with the world. You can also use these platforms to build relationships with potential customers, or bloggers within a particular industry. By including appropriate hashtags in your social media posts, your blog will be discovered by people with similar interests. If they can relate to your blog, or believe your content to be helpful to others, they may also share it with their own social media followers.

Post frequently
It is important to try and post regularly to your blog in order to maintain the interest of your readers. Remember that some blogs will perform better than others, so it’s best to experiment and find out what works for you and your audience. You can’t expect your traffic to increase if you’re not consistent or you only post once a year. Perhaps you could plan ahead with a content schedule to help you keep up with important dates and events.

Optimise for search
Search engines have the potential to be your biggest source of traffic, but only if you have correctly optimised your blog posts and page content. By following SEO best practices and using the right keywords, you are sure to increase your search rankings on Google and gain more traffic.

Finally, try to stay motivated and persevere with raising awareness of your blog. Just a few minor changes to your marketing efforts and improvements to your SEO can really make a difference to the number of readers visiting your blog.

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