Thursday 31 October 2019

Being Creative With

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Creative handmade and homemade pieces are a great way to bring personalisation and individuality to your home.

Whether you create them yourself or buy from crafty types, they can make your home standout from the rest. I often find that the pieces or ornaments that I like the most or get compliments are those handmade items.

Flatlay showing picture frame, sunflower design on paper, glue and scissors

I’m the first to acknowledge though that knowing where to start with crafting can be a bit hard. Often things that you decide to try or have spotted on Pinterest look very different to the end result! I love getting crafty and browsing Pinterest is one of my favourite things to do! I often see crafts that I'd like to try but they don't always seem that easy. Even regular crafters can doubt their skills or have Pinterest fails!!

One way of trying crafts that promise great results is to try those that use printable and ready to use graphics. Another way is to go for a craft that dosen’t need a lot of supplies or equipment, as that way if it’s a fail it hasn’t cost you much. If you set out to do a craft that uses few supplies AND uses printable ready to use graphics you’re on for a winner!

Green craft paper with a white design of flowers and birds, sunflower cut of and a pair of scissors

Super simple crafts should only need something like paper, be it plain or printed, glue and scissors, but when it comes to graphics where do you start? Especially if you’re on a budget. I’m personally a fan of DesignBundles. I’ve used their site quite a few times and with 96% RRP off curated bundles I’m a fan! You know how I love a budget buy!

They offer graphics, templates, mock ups, illustrations, patterns and craft files, all in one place, so it’s super handy if you’re trying to do lots of different crafts or are looking for inspiration.

I recently decided to create some wall art as an alternative to having my noticeboards on my office wall. I have three boards up, each for something different, but all have important, precious and personal items pinned to them. When I’m filming for my social channels though I often feel a bit self-conscious that those super personal items are on the wall behind me, but that space is good for lighting, plus it’s cosy next to the radiator!! So I decided to make something than can be put up on the wall as an alternative.

Having a browse on DesignBundles, I spotted the sunflower svg creations and as I love sunflowers, but seem to have no capability when it comes to growing them or keeping them alive, I thought creating them in paper form was a good idea! Svg cuts and graphics are easy to use and can be printed on a standard printer like I have or a fancy cutting printer that I dream of!

Sunflower mounted on the craft paper

Black sunflower on a green craft paper

I went for two different sunflowers designs from the collection and using some craft paper I’ve been given by a family member (thanks Aunty) mounted them and framed a trio of sunflowers in bargain frames.

Framed sunflower creation

Framed black sunflower

They took between thirty minutes to and hour to make and I love them. They’re a great alternative to my noticeboards and cost a fraction of the price to make in comparison to any shop bought pieces I’d seen.

Framed pictures hanging on the wall

I’m tempted to have a browse of what other designs are available, especially as there’s so many festive ideas!!!

Are you going to get creative and crafty soon? Let me know in the comments!

Mummy Snowy Owl

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