Sunday 27 October 2019

Preparing Your Child For The School Bus

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We're a full term into the school year and now you're back in a routine you might be considering letting your children having a little more independence, especially if they have started secondary school this term or are in their last year of primary school.

One way of doing this is by letting them make the journey to and from school. If the walk is a little long for them or involves walking along busy roads, you may want to consider letting them get the bus. If your school runs a bus service or there's a regular bus that most of the children use it's a good opportunity to let them practice their independence.

A toy yellow american school bus and a red doubledecker bus

If your child will be using the school bus for the first time, teaching them what to expect and getting them familiar with the route, can help to ease their nerves and make their journey more fun. Here are three tips from The Manor Preparatory School to help prepare your child for taking the school bus…

Tip 1 – One of the best ways to help your child feel more comfortable about riding the school bus is by visiting the bus stop before they begin their new routine. By watching other children using the bus you can help to settle your child’s nerves and possibly your own too! Visiting the bus stop will also ensure that you are familiar with the route and the exact journey time to get there. 

Tip 2 – Before your child begins taking the school bus, it is vital to discuss safety rules with your child. Explain the importance of wearing a seatbelt when one is available, staying seated when the vehicle is in motion and talking quietly. It is also important that your child is aware of ‘stranger danger’ and knows road safety rules, especially if they will be walking home from the bus stop.

Tip 3 - Having a friend on the bus can also help your child to feel more relaxed. If it's a school bus service, speak to the teacher and see if they have organised a ‘travel buddy’ system. You may be able to find out in advance who they will be pared with, or arrange for your child to sit with a particular friend if they are feeling anxious.

If your child is worried or upset about travelling to school without you, it is important to discuss their concerns and reassure them. Let them know that there will always be an adult on board and to speak to the driver if they have any issues when travelling. You can also arrange to collect them from the bus stop or try the journey at the weekends or non-school time to put them at ease.

The main priority is that they feel safe and confident with their new independence.

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