Friday 25 October 2019

My Favourite Bathroom Interior Trends

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Those of you that have been reading my blog or following me on social media for a while, will know that last year we had a lot of work done to our house. New windows, carpets, a bit of decorating and a new bathroom were all on the spruce up plan.

There was a lot of mess but the cleaning wasn’t the hardest part. The simplest jobs and decisions turned into the most difficult ones. I thought picking a bathroom would be the easiest part! I was wrong! Very wrong!!

Twin sinks with gold accessories and mirror

Choosing our bathroom, having it fitted and putting the finishes to it ended up being one of the biggest jobs. My vision of picking a bathroom was a quick I’ll have that bath, that sink and that loo. That flooring will do the job and that cupboard will be big enough. Then I started to look online and wander round shops. I had no idea that there was so much choice.

A lot of time had passed since I picked our bargain and basic bathroom for our first house in 2005! UK bathrooms and interiors have really upped their game in the last 10+ years!

Are you thinking about changing your bathroom before the visiting guests of the festive season? Maybe you’ve got big plans bathroom makeover plans for the New Year? Here’s a few bathroom interior trends you need to consider!

First, have a think about what you need. Do you just want the usual three piece bathroom set with an electric shower over the bath? Or do you want a deep sink over a vanity unit? A walk in shower separate to child family bath. Maybe you’d like a rainforest style shower for the grownups and a family friend bath with duel taps for the kids. Separate showers have been popular for a while now and have gone from small cubicles to large, luxury, five star resort type showers over the last few years and remain really popular.

Another popular trend right now is subway style tiles. I really considered these when I’d finally come to terms with how many tile options there were but for the size of the area we were doing our budget wouldn’t quite stretch that far. You’ll spot subway tiles in lots of interior magazines and stunning Instagram bathrooms.

Bathroom storage is another trend that gives you lots of options but for me it was always going to be enclosed and with doors. We can be quite untidy and the bathroom, the hub of getting ready in the mornings, is not a place I can stand to be cluttered and messy. With this in mind we went for a unit under the sink and a double doored mirror cabinet above it. Both are quite full but are tidy, and the only storage that I have that can be seen into is a basket for toilet rolls next to the loo and a couple of glass jars that contain cotton pads and buds.

The last trend to consider is one that can give you the finish touches to your bathroom and really give it style, and that is accessories and knick-knacks. Again, this is something you will spot on Instagram and in interior magazines. They’ll be plants, ornaments, prints, bath trays, candles and even stylish shelves and hooks to think about. Lots of plants in bathrooms is very on trend right now but if you opt for real ones, you’d need to take maintaining them into consideration. We went for a couple of whale ornaments and 1950’s themed prints, but as much as I wanted a bath tray I knew it would have been a bit of a pain to keep moving and would have led to me eating crisps in the bath!

There’s lots to think about when picking a new bathroom but being clear of what you want and what you like from each trend can certainly help along the way.

Mummy Snowy Owl

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