Monday 14 October 2019

A Very Snowy Christmas - 25 Weeks For An Organised Christmas Week 16

Welcome back to A Very Snowy Christmas, 25 Weeks For An Organised Christmas!!!

As we enter week 16 it's time to discuss Christmas shopping!

During the earlier weeks of A Very Snowy Christmas we made our lists and checked them twice! I also mentioned checking out the sales and getting bargains when you can. I've been doing this and I've already made a dent in my Christmas shopping.

Now, is the time to go over our lists and decide what we are buying those left to buy for and when we are going to do it. Do you have a set day you head to the city centre and get those last few bits? Or are you an order online, stay cosy inside with a cuppa and await your deliveries kind of person?

Either way now is time to plan that shopping and get it done!

Pop by next week when we'll in week 17 of A Very Snowy Christmas, 25 Weeks For An Organised Christmas!

Mummy Snowy Owl

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