Wednesday 9 October 2019

Thunderbirds Are Go!!!


If you have children that are TV fans you'll probably be well aware of the new Thunderbirds animation series! It's a favourite of our 5 year old son and it's one of his first picks when he has tablet time. 

As he was already playing with Daddy's vintage Thunderbird toys there was lots of excitement when the new series started and again when a brand new range of toys were released!

When Bandai and the Thunderbirds team offered us the chance to try the toys it was an obvious YES!!

Two large action figures, along with three thunderbird vehicles and a mini figure

We were kindly gifted two action figures, Thunderbird Vigil Tracey, and bad guy The Mechanic! We also received Thunderbirds 1, 2 and 3!!! I'd kept the delivery a secret from our son, JJ, so it was a huge surprise when he unboxed them!

Boxed toys

Daddy also played along and I think he was secretly as excited as JJ! Having the vintage collection, he commented how much bigger these figures were and much more practical than the metal ones he has.

With large action figures and the vehicles available as part of the range there's something for every kid (and the Dads too!).

Vigil action figure

Bad guy the mechanic

Thunderbird 1 rocket

Thunderbird 2 airplane style vehicle

Thunderbird 3 space rocket

JJ loves it all and he's been playing with the Thunderbirds range constantly since he unboxed it! We're currently on our fourth day of play. He especially likes the grabbing function of Thunderbird 2!!

Overhead shot of little boy playing with the toys

Overhead shot of the action figures

Overhead shot of boy playing with the action figures

To see the current range of Thunderbirds toys have a look here.

Mummy Snowy Owl

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