Friday 4 October 2019

My Happy Journal


My Happy Journal  is a beautifully designed children's activity journal, created to promote a positive mindset and gratitude skills. It is full of inspirational ideas to spur on our little ones imagination. 

A bright yellow journal surrounded with pencils and crayons

I've heard lots about people using journals to help their children deal with big emotions, practice mindfulness and help them be open about their feelings and problems. When My Happy Journal asked if I'd like to try one of their journals I decided I'd really like to see if it was something our 5 year old son, JJ, would enjoy and benefit from.

Arriving in an envelope covered in cute illustrations, JJ was very keen to have a look at the journal the moment it arrived through the letterbox! He asked what it was about and I explained it was full of activities, colouring and questions for him to do. We sat together and had a quick look through and he was fully absorbed straight away. 

Inside the journal showing a picture of a little boy looking up at the sky with the text 'the days are long but the years are short'

Illustration surrounding the word dream

Only being 5, I have been helping him with the parts he can't yet read but he has loved every part of it. The My Happy Journal has now become a part of his routine when he comes in from school, and as I prepare his stack of snacks, you'll find him with his crayons out colouring away in the book. We then sit together and go over a couple of questions. 

The open journal with a how many under the sea activity and questions on the opposite page

What I've personally found so great about My Happy Journal is on the days JJ has come home exhausted, grumpy and not really wanting to talk, he has taken himself off to do his journal and has sat peacefully colouring for half an hour. I don't know if it's the drawings he finds soothing or just focusing on something that's not school, the TV or me asking him 20 questions about his day, it really relaxes him! When he's done he's ready to get on with other things and tell me about his day.

Close up of the open journal being coloured in

If, because of work or other commitments you find you don't get much one on one time with your little ones, I feel that the My Happy Journal could help with your one on one time. JJ and I have settled down for time with his journal even on days we are busy with school, clubs and errands and I've found that time, just the two of us, has strengthened our little bond and made a difference to our time together. For this reason I also think it would be good for other relatives, maybe grandparents, to sit and spend time doing the journal with little ones as it would help give quality time together but also help them get to know them better.

Open journal being held by a child

My Happy Journal is currently £12.95 and you can get it here. The lovely creatives behind My Happy Journal are also giving my readers 10% off using the code SNOWYOWL10.

Mummy Snowy Owl

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