Heart Tarts

It's time for another craft but this time I thought I'd give you a cheap and cheerful baking idea. So, here we go........

You will need
  • Bun/tart tray (£1.00 @ Poundland)
  • Pastry/cookie cutters (£1.00 @ Poundland) - If you don't have these and aren't going to use them regularly don't buy them! Granny's always have a set of these so ask yours, your child's or one you know!
  • Heart stencil/cutter - (£1.00 @ Tesco) This isn't essential though. You can use a knife and make a template with paper if you don't have them. I picked up the one pictured below super cheap and will use it often. 
  • Pastry brush - Not essential. Use a spoon if you don't have one.
  • A small piece of greaseproof paper or kitchen roll
  • Teaspoon
  • A nob of butter or spread 
  • Roll out pastry (89p @ Aldi) - Obviously you can make your own but roll out is much less stress when baking with kids! 
  • Jar of strawberry jam (29p @ Tesco)
  • Milk 

First, grease your tin with the butter. 

Roll out your pastry and using the normal cutter let your little ones cut out 12 bases.

Place them in the tin.

Then let them fill each one with a teaspoon or two of jam.


Next let them cut out the heart shapes.

Place on top of the jam.

Using the brush or spoon seal the tarts with milk.

Bakes for 15 minutes at 180c, until golden brown. 


Cool on a wire rack or a plate.

Don't be tempted to eat them to early! The jam will be HOT! 

Keep on eye on your apprentice you may find they sneak off to eat jam out the jar!


Mummy Snowy Owl
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