Friday 25 January 2019


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I don't know about any other parents but I get super excited when there's a new TV show in town. If, like Joseph, your little one watches the same shows on repeat a new bright and interesting kids TV show can act as light relief!

Tinpo is a brand new kids TV show for preschoolers, brought to you by the teams behind Thomas and Friends, and Nelly and Nora, so you know that it's going to be good!

Side view of a little boy watching Tinpo on a kid friendly tablet

Showing on CBeebies on weekdays at 6.55am and 3.55pm each episode follows Tinpo and his team. Great at solving problems and creating inventions, Tinpo, Doug-Po, Logi-Po and Hack-Po work together to help the residents of Tinpotown.

Back view of a little boy watching brightly coloured cartoon characters

Seeing the characters work well together and in creative ways encourages little ones to do the same. Tinpo and his team use trial and error, showing kids that if you fail you can try again. It is entertaining and educational as it inspires children to use their imaginations and be creative. 

Little boy quite animated watching Tinpo

We've recently started watching Tinpo and Joseph has loved it. Bright and engaging, it has has really grabbed his attention. Seeing the characters work together as a team and encouraged him to do the same with his friends. Tinpo has made him more intrigued by how things work and he's keen to help fix things. When I solve a problem he says 'Mummy you're a genius!', so Tinpo is definitely my favourite kids TV show right now too!

Little boy watching Tinpo

To learn more about Tinpo head over to IPlayer, CBeebies or UKMumsTV.

Tablet showing Tinpo TV show whilst resting on a kids workbench

Mummy Snowy Owl

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