Wednesday 23 January 2019

New Year, New Home?

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So you've perfected the Rightmove scroll. You've filtered your search, set your radius, maybe even set up an alert for new properties, and then there it is! The home of your dreams! It's in the area that you want and at a price that you can afford, but your house isn't even on the market yet!
So, what do you need to do to get your home sale ready and ensure your prepared for moving house

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Well, as someone who moved house quite a few times growing up there's a few tips I can share with you. More and more people are putting their houses up for sale as the year starts, so follow these five tips to be ahead of the game!

1. Declutter and clear out

To ensure your rooms look as big as possible consider having a declutter and clear out. If you have little ones, go through their toys and remove those that are broken or they no longer play with. Make sure there's plenty of space to store them away when viewings take place. For grownups, look at reducing the DVD, CD and book collection. If you have fitted wardrobes consider sorting and tidying through them too as a potential buyer may want to have a peek at the storage layout. Being met with untidy clothes or piles of shoes and bags might lead them to think there isn't enough space for everything. Having a good clear out should help you keep everything neat and tidy for viewings too.

2. Find a good Estate Agent

Having had a bad experience with a local and very popular Estate Agent, I know how important it is to find an efficient and reliable one. They can also be very expensive! Shop around and ask for recommendations from friends or family members and arrange for at least three valuations. Make sure to include one of the online only agents, as their fees are usually set and much cheaper than a high street agent.

3. Find a good Conveyancing Solicitor

To ensure your move runs smoothly you'll need a good Solicitor. One that's on the ball, does all the necessary searches promptly, keeps you in the loop and arranges the sale as quickly as possible. Again, a good one maybe expensive. Research your local Solicitors and contact them for an idea of fees. Most will be happy to send you an estimate but they'll need to know the value of your house and the one you are buying, which leads us to point four!

4. Find a mortgage and check your budget

So, you've found the house you want, maybe theoretically decorated and picked where the sofa is going. You know how much your current house is worth and how much money you can release from it but can you really afford the move? Checking your repayment amount on an online mortgage calculator doesn't mean you'll definitely get a mortgage. You'll also need to take into account mortgage arrangement charges, Stamp Duty, Estate Agent fees, Solicitor's fees and moving costs. It all soon adds up and it could be much more than you expect!

5. Find a removals firm

If you're lucky enough to sell your home you'll need to think about what you'll do on moving day. Hiring a removal van, loading it up and cleaning your way out of your old home can cause quite a bit of stress, but it could be easily reduced by hiring a removals company and letting them do all the hard work. There's lots of companies to choose from and whether your based in Nottingham, Manchester or London a quick google will find you a list of possible removal firms. Something as simple as removals Kent in your search engine, will bring you a list of possible removal companies. It'll be another expense to add to the list but it could make the process much easier!

Now, all this talk of moving reminds me it's time for another Rightmove scroll!

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