Monday 14 January 2019

5 Tips To Help You Prepare For Winter Storms

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Believe it or not we're currently half way through winter! If last year is anything to go by though the end of February and the arrival of March will bring cold, snow and a winter that rolls into spring.

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With a fresh storm already being predicted, it's time to consider a little preparation! Here's 5 tips to make sure you're ready!

1. Stock Up!

An extra loaf of bread in the freezer, a couple more tins in the cupboard, deicer for the car and salt for the driveway or pavement will set you up well. An extra couple of pints of milk is also a good idea and can be frozen and used when you need it. Just make sure there's space at the top of the bottle so the milk has room to expand. Alternatively by some UHT! 

2. Let There Be Light!

Although rare in suburban areas, power cuts are always possible. Some rural areas were without power for a number of days last year! Having backup lighting so you can at least move around safely is a good idea, so stock up on LED candles, torches and maybe even a couple of camping lights.

3. Drive Safely!

If you need to go out in your car make sure you carry deicer, salt or grit, bottles of water, snacks and a torch. I know some people that also add blankets and a shovel just in case they are caught out by a fresh flurry of snow.

4. Snow Day Rules!

Will bad weather mean your child's school will close? Will you be able to take time off work so you can stay at home with them or will they need to be bundled up and sent over to the grandparents or friends. If you don't have school age children you should still check your snow day rules with your employer. If you get snowed in will they allow you to take the day as annual leave? Or will it be unpaid? Either way your safety when venturing out should always come before school or work!

5. Keep Warm!

Most of all, and especially if you want to be warm, make sure you've got plenty of cosy blankets and that your central heating is all in working order. Whether it be electric heaters or gas central heating you need to be sure that everything is going to keep you warm. Unfortunately, I've experienced the expense and mess of having to search for cheap boilers and arrange a Gas Engineer! Right before my 30th birthday the pre-parent us had saved up to get a last minute holiday to celebrate, but little did we know our boiler was chuckling away to itself and soon broke down! 

Hopefully any fresh storms or beasts from wherever will be a little tamer than before but the Snowy Owl in me thinks there's nothing wrong with being prepared!

Mummy Snowy Owl

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