Tuesday 20 July 2021

5 Places To Donate Old Toys

Lots of you are loving the recent toy posts, so I thought it was time to share another! So, far I've shared a summary of what to do with old toys, as well as where to sell them.

Next up is 5 Places To Donate Old Toys.

Selection of toys laid out including McQueen, Duplo and Woody

Charity Shops

Probably the most obvious but definitely the easiest! Charity shops love a good bag of toys being donated. It also means that those on a budget can find toys at a fraction of the usual price.


Our son loved his time at nursery and as a place that takes care of so many children, they need a lot of toys and go through them quickly! As the baby and toddler toys stopped being used at our home, they soon found a new one in fresh little hands at nursery.


A couple of times a year our local school runs events and included in that is a secondhand toy stall. We've had some great finds thanks to other peoples donations and once they start back up again we'll be passing on some toys too.

Children's Centres

Although, they have massively reduced in numbers recently due to lack of funding, Children's Centres are still around and providing support and classes for local families. You'll need to check your local council website to find where your local one is and it's always good to ring before you turn up with your donations. Like nurseries, the toys there are seeing a lot of action though and are very likely to be needed.

Women's Aid

When women and children leave bad situations and seek the support of Women's Aid, they will usually leave with just the clothes on their back. No spares and no toys. Toy's donated to Women's Aid are always very grateful received and I try to make donations to them as much as possible. Donating your toys will need to be arranged beforehand and you'll need to ring to arrange dropping them off. As a regular donator I drop the toys off at the refuge but if you're not known to them they may request your donations go to a drop off point or charity shop. 

Your loved but outgrown toys maybe old to you but to someone else they are brand new.

Mummy Snowy Owl


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