Friday 16 July 2021

Wellbeing Heroes Sockie Stars!

Wellbeing Heroes are a brand that promote positive messages, along with practical everyday things. Their range currently includes pajamas and socks, but not any pajamas and socks! There Magic Pajamas and Sockie Stars, the latter of which are socks with capes!!

Photo showing the socks giftset box

We were recently received the Sockie Stars to have a look at and loved them. The super socks come with interchangeable capes. 

Each pair has it's own personality, including brave, calm and being yourself. They are cute and brightly coloured and they'd be great to mix and match too!! 

The open book gift set showing the sock selection

The book that accompanies the Sockie Stars features the stories of all of new sock friends.

The book side of the set

Coco, the brave sock, gets her cape by overcoming the fear of the washing machine. 

Photo of the open book showing the character Coco

The open book showing Coco the socks story

Sockie, the calm sock, finds his missing match and gets his cape. Todd, the odd sock, who's story is about being a little different, pairs up with another odd sock to make a pair, when they both get their super capes.  

Each Sockie shares a lesson with their story and the entertaining illustrations are sure to keep little ones engaged. There's also conversational cards to help talking about feelings. 

For your chance to win the Wellbeing Heroes Sockie Stars, enter below and share what you'd call your own pair of super socks! You can also buy Sockie Stars and Magic Pajamas here

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