Tuesday 27 July 2021

Kids Against Maturity

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We love a good game! Board games. Card games. Anything we can play together. We especially love it if we can take it on our travels. So, if it's compact even better!

We were recently asked to review a brand new game, Kids Against Maturity. Here's what we thought!

Kids against maturity game, box with some cards laid out beside it

Ideal for the school holidays, Kids Against Maturity is a great game for all ages. The boxed game is portable and easy to keep tidy.

Child holding the box

Suitable for 4 players or more, each game can take anything from 30 minutes to an hour. There's 600 question and answer cards, which include age appropriate jokes. There's also a few innuendos thrown in for the grown-ups!

Blue question cards laid out

It's easy to pick right up and play with no difficult rules. You just need to be able to read! Each player has 10 white answer cards and take it in turns to read out the blue question cards. The player reading out the question picks the funniest answer. Whoever gives out most of the funniest answers is the winner!

White answer cards laid out

Currently retailing at £19.99, Kids Against Maturity is a great addition to your family game selection. We love ours and it's come just at the right time for catch-ups with friends and family, travels in our caravan and more. We were laughing in the first round of cards and I'm sure this is going to give us lots of giggles and fun. 

Child holding the boxed game in the shop

Have a look here to buy yours! 

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