Thursday, 29 July 2021

The Toy Companies Letting You Recycle Your Toys

Just a few years ago old toys were often destined for the landfill. Recycling was kept to household items and the life of toys didn't go much past passing them on as hand me downs or to charity shops. 

But now if your toys aren't quiet right to pass on, maybe a little rough round the edges or to tatty for the charity shop, you can pass them back to their creators.

Wondering who's part of the toy recycling movement? Here's the toy companies letting you recycle your old toys!

A transformer toy in a stance like he's dancing


One of the biggest toy makers in the game are now offering a recycling service. The makers of Monopoly and Transformers are now working with Terracycle for easy recycling simply visit here and find your local drop off point. 


Called PlayBack the team at Mattel are working hard to play their part in helping the environment. Old toys can be boxed and posted back to them. They'll even send you a free prepaid shipping label. The creators of Matchbox and Barbie will recycle every part of your toy, including recovering, recycling and reusing for new toys and downgrading leftover parts to other plastic products or turning them into energy. For more info head over to Mattel here

L.O.L Surprise 

Also, working with Terracycle, L.O.L Surprise are offering recycling of their products and packaging. Just visit here for your local drop off point. 


Currently only available to those of you in the USA and Canada, Lego has started it's Replay scheme. 97% of Lego bricks are passed on and reused and they recommend that you continue to do that but look to fill the gap for those parts that can't be handed down. Lego hope to roll out the scheme internationally in the near future. Check here for if it's available where you live. 

With some of the major toy makers now acting to do their part for the planet, it's good for the environment and those of use trying to live a more sustainable life or just wanting to do our part. Let's hope many more follow suit soon!

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