Sunday 18 July 2021

Managing Natural Light In Your Home

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It's been a while since we've had a homey post, so I thought it was time to have one. 

This time we're going to talk about natural light. Good natural light is something lots of us search for in a home. A well lit home can feel airy, open, light and enjoyable, and homely. 

Where a home is positioned in relation to the sun can even add value. People will often say they'd like a south facing garden and the reason is it will be a sun trap most of the day. My mum even tried to talk me out of buying our current home because it wasn't south facing. Even the best home designer in the world can't move then sun!  

Close up of a window filled with sunlight with a plant pot placed on the window sill

Making use of natural light can help a living room, bedroom or even kitchen space feel brighter and more beautiful, without having to make use of artificial lighting all of the time. A well lit room can make a big difference to your home. Here's how to make use of the natural light. 

Use Mirrors & Lighter Tones

Using mirrors and lighter tones of paint and decor can help your home not only reflect the natural light better, but it will help your room feel light and airy rather than dark and dismal. Tactical mirror placement can reflect the light and it can also make a room feel twice as big as it might have otherwise. 

Position Your Furniture

Positioning your furniture well can also help the light around the room. Keeping bulky furniture and fixtures away from windows will allow the light to flow naturally around the room. Keep larger pieces like dressers or bookcases away from windows so they don't block the light. You'll also need to take natural light into account when positioning your television to avoid the screen being washed out during the day.

Widen Your Natural Light Intake

Making your windows or doors wider can help widen your natural light intake within a space. Using Hajom sliding doors can provide you with that luxury. Helping your space feel more open and connected to the natural space outside, whist giving you protection of a strong and safe door installation. Your natural light intake can also be helped with lighter curtains or blinds. Push them back as far as possible in the day but at night the lighter fabric will still keep the room a little lighter. Leave heavier blackout curtains for rooms that need privacy.

There's also the added bonus that more natural light means using the lights less, reducing your bills and helping you live a little more sustainably too!

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