Wednesday 23 June 2021

5 Things To Do With Old Toys

Toys. Toys. Toys. And a few more toys. That's what piles into your home when you have a child. Soft toys. Wooden toys. Plastic Toys. Toys bigger than your baby. Toys that are noisy and need batteries. Toys that hurt when the little apple of your eye throws them at your head!!

These things start to pile up. Birthdays and Christmas come and bring more, as do grandparents and anyone else that likes to treat your little ones. 

But what can you do with them when it's time for a clear out? Time to put the baby toys away? Switching Duplo for Lego? Not sure what to do with the old toys?

Here's 5 things to do with old toys...........

Selection of toys laid out including cars, Paw Patrol figures and duplo

Hand Them Down

Our son has had a HUGE amount of toys handed down to him, for which we are extremely grateful. There have been times where money has been tight for us and the toys were always well received by all of us. It also meant he got a huge variety of toys given to him, some that we might not have picked out for him ourselves but he's loved. We also passed toys on and it's well worth the sorting of them to see the smiles on the little faces of the receivers. 

Sell On

A good way to make a few extra pounds at the same time as clearing our the kids toys are to sell on. Good places of sale are eBay and Facebook, and, if you're OK with getting up at the crack of dawn, car boot sales! 


If you wanted to move the toys out quickly without the hassle of selling or arranging passing them on, another way of parting with old toys is to donate them. Charity shops, local nurseries, Sure Start Centres and women's refuges are always grateful for children's toys donations. 


Do you want to breath new life into your children's old toys? Pinterest is full to the brim of ideas on how to upcycle toys! From wreaths and lamps decorated with toys and spray painted to framing and make the most precious toys into pieces of art. There's something for everyone to try.


Now, when I say recycle I don't mean wandering outside and throwing them in the recycling bin! A number of toys companies both big and small are now open to you toy owners sending in old toys to them for recycling. Hasbro and Mattel, two of the biggest companies in the toy industry now have recycling schemes up and running.

So, now you have 5 ideas of what to do with old toys, with all of them also being environmental friendly and sustainable, whilst clearing your home of clutter and old toys. Well, until the next lot arrive at least! 

Mummy Snowy Owl


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