Thursday 17 June 2021

A Cool Pot By Cool Pots


I love cute homewares. I especially love it if you can add to the cuteness by personalising and making it cuter, especially if it's with my little boy's smiley face!!

Combing the two led me to collaborating with Cool Pots!!

A small grey plant pot with small pictures of a child's smiley face

We've recently been working on changing things around the house. This has involved decluttering a lot and trying to make our home a little more homely.

One thing we wanted to do was to change our conservatory a little and make more use of it. It's full of our son's toys, his tent and an area for him to play in to his little hearts content. We'd like to have a more comfortable area to sit in, along with making it more cosy and homely. 

But we love quirky things too so we'd love to add cute blankets, cushions and quirky plant pots. As we've been going through the process the team at Cool Pots contacted me to see if I'd like to collab with them and it came at just the right time.

Cool Pots allow you to personalise plant pots with photos! Creating quirky and unique pots for your home or as a great gift for someone else. I personally think grandparents would love these! 

The website was really easy to navigate and you simply choose the design and layout you like and attach a picture as you add it to your basket. You don't even need to crop the picture. As long as it's clear it's good. Complete your purchase and within a couple of days your personalised pot will arrive at your door, ready for you to plant it up! 

Our photo went from this................

A photo of a red haired boy next to a birthday cake

To this cute and cool pot................

A small grey plant pot personalised with a photo of a smiling little boy

I LOVE IT!!! I'm definitely going to order more and they definitely make a great gift!! Regular readers know I buy for Christmas all year round so a couple of these are will be added to the list and put aside for Santa. 

Do you want to try Cool Pots yourself? Well, now you can with a special discount code! Use code KATIE20 for 20% off your own super cool pot.

Make them fun. Make them cute. Make them super cool.

Mummy Snowy Owl


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