Monday 14 June 2021

What I'm Most Looking Forward To As We Follow The Lockdown Roadmap

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Lockdown is easing. 

We can hug again. Pubs and restuarants have reopened. Salons are back open and we can have our hair done and be waxed in random places. 

The road, aka the road map out of lockdown, is bringing us closer to freedom day! With this in mind Revolution Four have asked me to share what I'm most looking forward to as lockdown eases and we shimmy our way towards a life with less restrictions. So, here's 5 things I'm most looking forward to as the roadmap out of lockdown continues.

Face mask and bottle of hand sanitizer on a wooden table

Seeing Family and Friends

So, this pretty much goes without saying right?!  Whilst lighter restrictions have already helped us see some family and friends, we've kept our socialising and unnecessary mixing to a minimum, but as vaccinations roll out and the situation is safer we're looking forward to mixing more with our family and friends. 


Cancelled birthday parties, long distance Christmases, retirement get togethers rescheduled and weddings rearranged. I'm looking forward to giving gifts and celebrating without complications! We were able to have some of our family together for our son's birthday a few weeks ago but we had to have everyone outside, meaning there was a lot of hot drinks and blankets being given out!

Caravan Breaks

Lat year our caravan didn't get any holidays and nor did we! It sat on the driveway getting grubby. Although, some sites reopened over last summer, their facilities, i.e. the toilets and showers, weren't which meant no holiday time for us. I'm looking forward to weekends nestled down in our caravan, just the three of us and our little adventures.

A Little Bit Of Normality

Shall we nip to the pub? Shall we go for a day out? A wander round Ikea and a hot dog at the end? Fancy popping in and seeing granny? Strolling around the city centre and spending more than is normal in Primark? Yes!!! Things we 100% took for granted and were quiet 'normal' have been very much missed and I'm looking forward to a bit of randomness.

A Lit Bit Of Randomness

There's a street food event on down the road shall we go? Yes! Our friends are headed to the seaside shall we meet them there? Yes!! Go to the local market town after school for fish and chips and a wander around the amusements! Yes!!! Pop over to friends for a cuppa and end up in their hot tub and having a barbecue? Yes. Yes to random nights! Yes to random fun!! 

So, there's my 5 things that I'm looking forward to as wall the road out of lockdown. What are you most looking forward too?

Mummy Snowy Owl


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