Wednesday 14 August 2019

Why You Should Encourage Your Kids To Read

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There are countless benefits to reading. Reading helps us to learn and it can help us to relax. Reading is also used as a form of entertainment. Whether your child reads to learn or for pleasure, a prep school in London share a number of great reasons why reading should be encouraged by parents…

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Reading is one of the best ways to learn. By reading a wide range of books your child will expand their general knowledge and could even end up teaching you interesting facts! This will help them with their academic skills, as well as having fascinating things to talk about.

Reading books, websites, magazines and other written materials has been proven to help increase vocabulary. A good exercise for your child is to write down any words that they do not understand and then use a dictionary, or the internet to learn their meaning. This will help to enhance their vocabulary and also help them to create some impressive stories.

Regular reading will give your child a better understanding of good sentence structure and the rhythm of words. They will learn how to write well and how to effectively tell a story. If your child enjoys a particular book, try to find other books written by the same author. You could even set a challenge for your child to write their own ending to one of the stories.

If your child struggles with stress or has trouble sleeping, reading could be the answer. By immersing themselves in a good story, your child will forget about their worries and begin to relax. Next time your child shows signs of stress why not treat them to a new book and let their imagination take them away to somewhere new.

Reading can lead to great adventures, incredible imaginations and a whole fount of knowledge. 

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