Friday, 30 August 2019

Making A Sustainable Change

Plastics, wet wipes, recycling, rubbish, bee decline, climate change. All of these things are mentioned in the news regularly and the truth is as a country, a nation, a planet, we've got problems. Although politics take up most of the news right now, we have other big issues too and one is the environment.

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Now, this blog is not here to tell you or preach about how we must all change our ways and I am the first to hold up my hands and say it's not always that easy. Plastic is everywhere. A huge amount of us drive to work or on the school run. We use wipes for everything and anything, from our babies little bottoms to cleaning our surfaces and loos. Crisp packets and cartons are hard to recycle.

A few years ago when this blog was in it's early stages our family was picked to be part of a special sustainable living project with Ikea. It started with an email sent to all members of their Family Card scheme.

The participants would each receive £500 to spend in store to help make their homes warmer, more energy efficient, reduce food waste and live a more sustainable life. Now, lets be honest, I applied because I saw the amount £500! Having just returned to work following maternity leave and living in a home that was cold and drafty I needed a little help to make our home more cosy and warm.

By some sort of miracle we were selected and we were part of the project for nearly a year. We were invited along to special events where ambassadors from the company gave advice on how to live more sustainably. We were guided with our shopping, shared upcycling ideas and batch cooking recipes, enjoyed behind the scenes tours, and yes, we got to spend £500 on making our home warm and more efficient.

But in the end it was a more to us than just the money. It opened our eyes, helped us save money and, as a result of the latter, made things a little easier for us. It changed our lives.

So, I'm going to start sharing a few posts about how you can make small changes to live sustainably and maybe save a few quid too! This isn't about taking up complete extremes, refusing to buy plastic (you'd never buy anything if you did that), going vegan or walking everywhere you go! It's about little changes that can turn into big differences! 

Together we're going to make a sustainable change.

Mummy Snowy Owl

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