Friday 23 August 2019

Return To Wordsworth House

Back in 2016 we visited Wordsworth House with a very little JJ. Having missed it on our last visit we decided to return this year on our most recent trip to the Lake District.

One of the many National Trust properties in the Lake District, Wordsworth House sits next to the river in the heart of Cockermouth. Birth place and childhood home of the Poet Laureate, William Wordsworth, the house is fixed in the 1770's and even has traditional food to try in the kitchen!

Little boy sitting on steps of a grand house

The interior of the house is very much like our last visit but with the new addition of a sheep scavenger hunt for the kids. On our last visit soft toys from the Beatrix Potter tales were scattered around the house for children to find, which was ideal for a younger JJ, and this sheep hunt was great for him now. It also gave a great chance for him to practice his counting!

Small knitted sheep with a label around its neck

Table set with period cutlery and food

The kitchen and cook offered traditional and freshly made food for sampling. The volunteer acting as the cook was really knowledgeable and kept JJ engaged in conversation for quite a while, which is a quite an achievement!

Upstairs, children can play with the old fashioned toys and dress in period clothing, which JJ (and I) quite enjoyed.

Little boy climbing grand stairs

Period clothing laid out on a bed

Mum and son playing with period toys

Little boy dressed in period clothing looking out of the window into a pretty garden

The garden continues to be a stunning sight and is extremely well maintained by the Trust. With different areas to stroll around and outdoor games to play, there's lots to enjoy and take in. 

A large pretty garden

Little boy wandering in a pretty garden

Little boy and daddy wandering in a garden

Scarecrow among the flowers

Vintage hoop game laid on the grass

Little boy playing with large jenga blocks in the garden

Over the summer there were also some additional activities for the kids, including rock painting, a rock word game and a funny photo opportunity!

Little boy looking a pebbles with words written on them

Word pebbles spread out on the ground

Daddy and son looking through a cartoon photo prop

As with all our days out I like to share the important need to know info, so......
  • The car park is not on site and charges apply, but it's only a short walk away
  • Toilets and baby changing facilities are available in the old outbuildings 
  • There's a tea room but it's on the small side so perhaps check for a table before the whole family get overly excited for cake
  • Pushchairs aren't allowed inside so be prepared for carrying your little one or pulling out the reins
  • The property isn't fully accessible, so take a look at the National Trust website before visiting if you use a wheelchair or have mobility issues
  • If you visit as the apples fall you'll be able to pick one from a basket or wheelbarrow in the garden
Do you plan to visit Wordsworth House soon?

Mummy Snowy Owl

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