Friday 16 August 2019

19 Books For 2019 - The Life Of Rylan by Rylan Clark-Neal

Can you believe it! I’ve read another book and this one I read in a few days. Maybe it was the piece and quiet and lack of tech on our holiday or maybe it was simply because it was such a good read.

Book 4 of my 19 books for 2019, was Rylan Clark-Neal’s autobiography, The Life of Rylan.

Book cover of The Life of Rylan

I’m a big fan of autobiographies, probably because I’m so nosy, but also because I love a good behind the scenes look at the celebrity world, which is again probably because I’m nosy!

The Life Of Rylan was lent to me last year my an old work colleague and has been sitting on the bookshelf since (sorry Tracey) so when I started my 19 books for 2019 challenge I was adamant this had to be one of them. First, as I quite like Rylan Clark-Neal and always snort laugh when he’s on the telly and second so Tracey can finally get her book back!

To be quite honest I wish I’d read it sooner. Reading Clark-Neal's autobiography is like reading a bunch of messages from your friend. He’s relaxed, open and has you laughing within the first few pages.

You can read many autobiographies and the person is often edited so much it doesn’t even sound like them, but with The Life Of Rylan you can practically hear his voice coming through.

Clark-Neal details his rise through the ranks of fame, getting his break on the X factor and then celebrity big brother, followed by the presenting jobs for the BB series. What to the public may have seen like an overnight success was a huge amount of work, very little sleep and a lot of stress for Clark-Neal. He lost friends in the process but still carries respect for those he’s lost along the way. Clark-Neal has good words to say pretty much everyone he’s met and worked with.

If you like a good autobiography that will make you smile I hugely recommended The Life of Rylan. Click here for your copy. 

The next book on the list is A Discovery Of Witches, but this one is definitely going to take a bit longer! It's bloody huge!

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