Friday 9 August 2019

Sudbury Hall and the National Trust Museum of Childhood

Nestled in Derbyshire, Sudbury Hall and the National Trust Museum of Childhood, combines a historic country home and childhood memories of the past.

Arriving at Sudbury over a bank holiday weekend we found it to be quite popular. With the car park situated across the road from the main hall and museum, the walk takes you on a picturesque view up to the property.

Child running in front of a country house

As with most National Trust, properties we were greeted by the volunteers, who gave us two sets of coloured tokens, which included one set for the museum and one for the house. We were keen to start with the museum and headed there first. The museum gives an insight into childhood through the generations, with toys to play and even a mock chimney to climb! 

Little boy standing in front of a display case holding antique toys

Father and son playing with puppets whilst in a display case

Display case showing brownie and scout uniforms

It also exhibits a huge amount of toys, some from over a 100 years ago, up to more recent ones. There were even some from mine and Daddy's childhood, which made me feel very old!

Boy looking at display case holding vintage toys

These lots to see apart from toys, including a Victorian classroom, which JJ refused to go in as 'the teacher looked too scary', a special exhibition about the childhood of deaf children and an areas where children can play and be creative.

Boy playing with Duplo

After a picnic stop we made our way into the hall and former home of the Vernon family. I love a walk around a historic home and I like it even more when there's things for the kids to do, giving you chance to look around and take it all in with them. At Sudbury Hall there are I-spy cards in most of the rooms, so the children can have a look round and try and find the item from the clue given.

Country house

Children's i-spy car clue

With restoration work currently ongoing in some areas, it was a good time to see the Trust's work in motion and as we visited there was work in the library towards preservation of the book collection.

Library with a metal staircase to the side

After our time in the house we made our way down to the Woodland Play Area, which was hugely popular. JJ loved playing on wooden boat and the spring boards. The was also a large pile of wood shavings, which obviously had to be climbed!

Little boy standing on a pile of wood chips

Although, our trip to Sudbury Hall and the National Trust Museum of Childhood mad me feel a bit old with some of my toys on display, we had a really good time. I feel it's a good mix of things for the kids and grownups and I think it's a day out that the grandparents would enjoy too. It was very busy though and I'd advise to get there for opening not near to lunchtime like we did.

As with all our days out I share the important stuff...........
  • Front-carrying baby slings, hip-carrying infant seats and indoor buggies are available for loan. Ask a volunteer for more information.
  • Baby changing facilities are available in the stableyard and museum.
  • The car park is situated on the other side of the road to the property. For those that struggle with walking there is transport by golf cart style buggy available.
  • As well as the park, there are outside games.
  • The wonderful Bluebells Dairy has an ice cream stand near the tea rooms so make sure you're ready to buy a round of ice creams!
  • There's some great spots for outdoorsy photos, well, if your kids are willing to take part!
Mother at the front of a picture with a little boy running off in the background

Have you been on a National Trust adventure yet? Let me know in the comments!

Mummy Snowy Owl

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