Friday, 31 May 2019

The Importance of Outdoor Learning

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Outdoor learning offers a variety of benefits to young children and it’s undeniably an essential part of their education. Most importantly, it teaches children that learning can happen both inside and outside of the classroom; there is something to learn in everything around us. The Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) curriculum actually insists on outdoor experiences on a daily basis. Taunton School explore the advantages of outdoor learning below. 

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First of all, outdoor learning is fantastic for children’s’ physical and mental health. Getting them to move around outdoors rather than sit at a desk all day is a great way to avoid childhood obesity and improve general fitness. Hearing sounds of nature is a great way to release serotonin in the brain and thus reduce stress. What’s more, a little fresh air can go a long way.  

Younger children tend to learn better via sensory and physical experiences. Many of the experiences are unique to the outdoors, such as weather and seasons. For many, learning outdoors at school might be their only opportunity to play safely outside, allowing them to understand and respect nature. As most parents of young children will know, they tend to really enjoy playing and exploring outdoors, whilst actively engaging with the environment.  

Being out in the real world can heighten the classroom experience and lead to better outcomes. It’s a great way to make efficient use of all resources and explore the different types of interests and enthusiasms amongst each child. However, teaching children about the outdoors doesn’t just have academic implications. Learning outdoors is a great way to encourage curiosity and develop empathy for the environment. As a result, students are far more likely to become conscious global citizens.  

Getting in touch with the environment might just help our little ones save the world.

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