Monday 13 May 2019

Easy Ways We're Practicing Phonics

Starting school can be a big transition for children and learning to read and write is a big part of that. Many children find it easy to to get to grips with their new learning experience but lots find it hard.

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Phonics especially can be hard work and I'll be quite honest and share that JJ has struggled with some of it. A big part of it has been that he finds some of it boring and if it doesn't engage him he won't pay attention. Because of this we've been looking for easy and exciting ways for him to learn phonics.

Reading the books from school
The books from school have been specially picked by his teacher or the teaching assistant for the stage that he's at, so the books, tricky word practice cards and spellings are always our first to be used.

Not reading the books from school
JJ doesn't always enjoy the books from school, especially the Chip and Kipper ones! There's often a meltdown with the words 'I don't care about Chip and Kipper!!', so I've take the whinging on board and I've bought a selection of superhero phonics books to spark his interest.   

When the books and sitting still are all a bit much we've been looking at fun alternatives and a quick look on YouTube found a fun phonics song and you'll often find us singing and dancing to it at the weekend.

Another way to bring in some fun to practicing and learning phonics is via tablet time, using the Alphablocks game on CBeebies, along with some other apps.  To JJ he's having tablet time and having fun but he's also practicing his phonics.

Practicing without knowing
Another way we practice phonics is without JJ really realising that he is practicing! When out and about he'll often spot letters that are in his name and if he seems excited or keen to spot more, we'll point out others as we go and test his knowledge.

Phonics is hard work but we're practicing as much as possible and sooner or later we'll hopefully get there.

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