Wednesday 8 May 2019

19 Books For 2019 - Mumboss by Vicki Psarias

At the beginning of the year I made a promise to myself that over 2019 I would read 19 books. To be honest it hasn't exactly got off to the best start!

I've read one! But one is a start, right? 

Being unwell recently, along with a few nights away in the caravan, have forced me to put down my phone, sit down and enjoy a little read.

Copy of Mumboss book laid out next to a plate of biscuits and a cup of tea

First (and only) to be read as part of my 2019 challenge is Mumboss by Vicki Psarias, also known as Honest Mum. I've followed Vicki for a couple of years on social media, so when she announced that a book was on it's way I was extremely excited.

Personally, I've always found Vicki really approachable when it comes to all things blogging and I've often picked her marvelous brain. Unlike some, she always takes the time to reply, is supportive and full of encouragement. 

Profile picture of a woman smiling with long flowing hair

Vicki's book, Mumboss, is full of her character and openness, in addition to all the words of wisdom you would get if you met her in person. She shares an insight into her life, her time working in film and television and how becoming a parent changed everything but also lead her to amazing things.

With tips on how to balance working life with home and family, to how to be your own cheerleader and master PR, Mumboss is full of information to help you in the right direction. With contributions from some of the leading bloggers and people in business, it's a font of knowledge. Even though I've blogged for a good few years and been self-employed for a while there were still pieces of knowledge that I could utilise! 

I will definitely be recommending Mumboss to anyone thinking of starting a blog or business, or anyone that already has but needs a bit of encouragement and a push to succeed. I made so many notes reading Vicki's book that I feel ready to take on the world!

Fancy a copy of Mumboss? It's currently available from Amazon here.

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  1. Thanks so much for this amazing review, has brought tears to my eyes! So chuffed you enjoyed it x