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5 Ways To Show Appreciation To Your Child’s Teachers

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Teachers spend every day of their lives shaping the future of our young people. They work hard for their students to help them grow and develop by encouraging and influencing them throughout their education. With this in mind, it’s hugely important for students and their parents to show gratitude towards teachers so that they know how much they are appreciated. This is particularly important at the end of the academic year, when many students move into different tutor groups or even different schools altogether. I have teamed up with St Catherine’s School to prepare the following list of ways you can show teachers you appreciate them.

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1.   The easiest and probably cheapest way you and your child can show their teacher you appreciate them is by simply saying “Thank You” for all of their support throughout the year(s). It will mean a lot to them to know that their students actually appreciate and respect them.

2.   Send them a card, either shop bought or handmade.  Either way, your intentions will be clear and your child’s teacher will know that you are grateful for their help.

3.   Think about joining forces with some/all of the other parents to arrange for some flowers to be delivered to the classroom. It will be a wonderful surprise and is sure to plant a smile on their face!

4.   If you don’t think the teacher will like flowers, you could opt for a different gift. Your child will probably have some indication of the sort of thing they’d appreciate. JJ's teacher and the teaching assistant love Malteasers, so every half term we take them a little box. They've definitely earned it with JJ in their class!

5.   One easy way to thank your child’s teacher for their efforts is to email the school. Let the head teacher know that this particular teacher is an asset to the school and that they’re doing a great job. A “well done” from the head is sure to make them feel valued.

How often you send a thank you of appreciation to your child’s teachers is completely up to you. For us it’s each half term but for others it’s just Christmas and the end of the school. Whichever you decide is bound to bring a smile to the teacher’s face.

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Collaborative Post

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