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4 Signs Your Child Is Unhappy At School

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Life can be full of ups and downs; everyone can feel unhappy sometimes including our children. It can be extremely worrying when you are unsure how your children are feeling especially when they are away from you at nursery or school. 

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Dixie Grammar School has kindly listed 4 signs to look out for if you are worried about your child feeling unhappy at school.

Change in behaviour
Children may change their behaviour or do something out of character when feeling upset or anxious about something. If you start to notice that your child is acting differently to usual it may be a cause for concern. If a child that is usually outgoing and loud becomes withdrawn or a very well behaved child suddenly starts getting in trouble and answering back it might be time to have a conversation to make sure that they are OK.

The silent treatment
Some children who are unhappy in the classroom will become quite and withdrawn especially when school is the topic of conversation. If you start to get a one word answer or they completely change the subject when you ask your child about their day it could be a sign that they are not happy at school. 

Night time trouble
By the time children start school they should be sleeping through the night with no wet beds. If you start to notice small accidents or your children waking up through the night they might have something on their mind that is causing anxieties or stress.

Sick days
As parents you know when your children are genuinely ill and need time off of school to recover, you also know when they are trying to pull a sicky! Some children will use this tactic to try to avoid school and whatever worries they face there. If a sore throat or sickness bug starts to occur more than usual and you cannot see any signs of the illness it may be time for a chat.

If you do notice any or all of these signs in your children make sure you take the time to talk and really listen to what they have to say. It is really important that children feel listened to and that any problem big or small can be fixed.

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