Wednesday, 22 May 2019

Dining Room Design Ideas

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Dining rooms can be a little tricky. Ideally, you want to have enough space for everyone to eat comfortably, maybe with space for extra guests, and in most cases child friendly. But when it comes to upgrading your dining room, where do you start?

A dining table with glasses, a plate and a plant upon it with a light hanging low over it

If you use it for every meal of the day, your dining room will be one of the places with the most significant footfall. Breakfast, lunch, dinners, working at the table, scrolling Rightmove or planning your interiors and picking Richard Haworth tablecloths.....the list goes on. With all this activity, the dining room should be somewhere that people want to spend time, talk about their day or share a slice of cake and a cuppa. To unwind, flip through magazines and take long phone calls.

Here's a few ideas to help you get the best from your dining room.......

Think wood
If you aren't a big lover of the minimal trend, you might like the family farm type aesthetic. Reclaimed wood makes a stunning tabletop. Once it has been prepped, sanded and had a coat of sealant, they can be hard wearing and really beautiful. Wood feels warm and inviting, and the grains are always interesting to look at too.

Low lights
By low lights I don't mean a dimly lit room but feature light fixtures that hang particularly low. A popular choice at the moment is wire or mesh lamp shades and a thick industrial wire. The can make a table, no matter the size, feel enclosed and private. Choose softer, more orange toned bulbs to give a warm and invited feel.

Most restaurants have flowers or plants on the table, and not only are they nice to look at but they bring the great outdoors inside too. Standout flower arrangements make a great table centerpiece and smaller plants dotted around the room work well to brighten the mood, especially if you don't want to completely redecorate.

Aside from big feature lights over the table, consider using candles to create a soft atmosphere.  You could place a few on the table and around the room but keep them unscented. Smelly candles in the space you eat might confuse your taste buds or put you off your dinner!

Accent walls
If you own your home, or don't have to get permission for decorating if you're in rented accommodation, you might want to consider an accent wall. A bright pop of colour or bold patterns can make a room feel special and unique.

Dining room can be both functional and fantastic. Keep it clutter free, keep the table top clear, add a few accessories and your dining room can soon change from an unused dumping ground to a dining delight!

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