Monday 8 April 2019

5 Budget Easter Activities

Easter and half term are here, or just around the corner dependent on where you live! Whether your little ones are always asking for snacks, need constant entertainment or you've got the additional childcare costs, half terms are expensive!

Colourful speckled eggs in a nest set on the grass

To help with the cost, here's 5 budget things to do this Easter!

Easter Bunting
Turn your little ones paintings or splatters into cute Easter bunting and decorate your home for Easter.

Bunting with egg shapes hanging from it

Simply cut egg shapes out of the paintings and tape to a piece of ribbon or string. 

Easter Wreath
Older children that are good with scissors could easily make this simple wreath.

Cardboard Easter wreaths made out of egg shapes

Coloured card or paper cut into egg shapes and layered up make a cute addition to your Easter decorations. 

A quick and easy sponge, a bit of icing and a pack of mini eggs, can create an easy Easter bake. Keep it simple and the kids can get involved with the mixing and decorating! 

Easter tray bake cut into slices and on easter plates and napkins

For something even easier, why not make rice crispy nests with mini eggs. 

Egg Decorating
Don't worry, I'm not suggesting you let the kids handle and decorate real eggs! Even as someone that crafts a lot, I know as a Mummy that this could easily be a recipe for disaster! 

Child's hands holding painted Easter eggs

Bargain stores like Home Bargains and Poundland have polystyrene eggs for £1 or less and can easily be decorated with standard felt-tip pens or paint.

Easter Egg Hunt
You may read this and think 'but Easter egg hunts are super expensive', and they obviously can be! Especially if you decorate your house all over and buy pricey branded eggs, but it doesn't have to be.

Little boy running with an Easter basket containing Easter eggs

Every year I put host an Easter egg hunt for our son and our friends children. There's five of them in total and they fill a party bag full of sweets and treats for less than £5, and that's for all of them not each! Just get your prizes and eggs from bargain supermarkets or shops and go without decorations for a low cost hunt.

At Easter all you really need is chocolate and excitement for lots of fun!

Mummy Snowy Owl

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