Monday 15 April 2019

3 Budget Parent Dates For Under £20

Recently, Daddy and I have started to spend a little more one on one time together. Once a month he's taking a day off work and whilst Joseph's at school we go on a little day date together.

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A little grown-up time, without the buzz of noisy toys or a little person asking for snacks, where we have conversations mostly about the little person that plays with those noisy toys and is always asking for snacks!!

Currently living the budget live means these dates aren't expensive. Yes, I'm a cheap date! 

Whether you're a Mummy and Daddy, Daddy and Daddy, Mummy and Mummy, here's 3 budget parent dates you can try for less than £20!!

A trip to the cinema
OK, I realise some of you will read this and think there is no way you can both go to the cinema for £20 and I'm not suggesting one of you sits in the car whilst one of you enjoys the latest movie! But if you're happy to have your date on a Tuesday or Wednesday, you can make use of 2 for 1 movies via Meerkat Movies. Take your own snacks too and you'll come under the £20 budget.

A meal for two
Take a look at your local pub or restaurant's menu and you might find they do cheaper lunchtime options. If day dates aren't your thing, enjoy a post bedtime meal at home with a yummy M&S Dine In selection. 

A peaceful picnic
There's a big difference between a picnic with the kids and one with your other half! Hopefully, they'll be no knocked over drinks, arguing over sandwiches and repeated request to sit down! Either make your picnic at home or treat yourself to some luxury style sandwiches and snacks from Waitrose or M&S. 

Your date might be cheap but it doesn't have to feel that way!

Mummy Snowy Owl

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