Wednesday 24 April 2019

Essentials For Crafting With Kids

So, you want to get more creative with the kids. Get the paints out. Turn toilet rolls into amazing things. Whether you're a seasoned crafter or someone that has never crafted before, either with or without the kids, there's a couple of things you may need to get you started!

Table showing a pot of paints, crayons and paintings

Here's a few things that as a Mummy, a crafter and a Snowy Owl Brownie Guider, I think are essential.

Plastic tablecloth 
Whether it be a disposable or reuseable, you're going to need a plastic table cover. Something that is wipe clean and will protect your surfaces. Disposable cloths are available from the likes of Poundland, Home Bargains and Amazon. In the long run though the cost of these will add up, so I'd suggest a thicker option that you can wipe down and use over and over. A good quality thick cloth will also save your table from any knocks or scratches.

You've covered the table, work surfaces or floor but now its time to protect you and your little painter. A normal apron might be enough for older kids but for younger or messier ones you'll need one with sleeves, preferably wipe clean. Another alternative is an old set of clothes or a grown-ups old shirt, as both can be used risk free and can be easily washed.

Bowl of warm soapy water and a cloth
Whether it's glue, paint, glitter or a mixture of everything, your little creator may get messy, so it's ideal to have a bowl of warm soapy water to hand. Having a bowl and cloth ready to go means you're prepared to wipe then down, wash their hands or cleanup any spillages before they get out of control.

Wet wipes
Sometimes when kids are grubby and you approach them with a cloth or ask them to wash their hands they transform into an Olympic sprinter! If you want to clean them up before they cause havoc and leave a stick messy everywhere you might struggle to chase them with a bowl of water in your hand! Have a pack of wet wipes ready to grab and run with you!

Stain remover
Not every crafting session with your kids will end up with needing stain remover (hopefully) but there's always a chance! Have a stain remover in the house so you can deal with any accidents quickly and before any stains set in!

Overall, these handy items though the best thing to have when crafting with kids is a relaxed and chilled out attitude. If you become stressed out that they are painting off the edges or sprinkling glitter everywhere the chances are the little monkeys will just do it more! Part of being creative is about being messy, so enjoy crafting with kids and the cute creations that they make!

Mummy Snowy Owl

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