Friday 12 April 2019

5 Free Things You Can Do With Kids

Having kids can be expensive, especially when you're keeping them entertained during the school holidays. Sometimes everything you look at seems to have gone up in price or got very expensive and I know from experience how it feels to sit scrolling through your phone at things to do with the kids only to realise you can't afford them.

So, here's 5 free things you can do with kids.

A trip to the park
Most kids love a trip to the park but if you're regulars at the local swings your kids might not feel all that excited. 

Little boy dressed as Captain America playing on a park

Change things up a bit and go to a different park, maybe one you've not been to before and let them wear their favourite fancy dress costume.

Pets at Home (aka the free zoo)
Kids love animals, but a trip to the Zoo can be expensive so why not try what I refer to as the free zoo, Pets at Home!!

Little boy pointing at the fish in a shop tanl

Have a wander round and count the fish, say hello to the latest bunnies and see how many hamsters are running in the wheels. We've already been twice in the last week!

Nature Reserve
Pull on your wellingtons and make use of your local nature reserve. Like a trip to the park, if you're already regulars try a different one.

Little boy walking through a muddy wooded area

Take some old cereal or oats to feed the birds and ducks. If you're local reserve charges for parking, consider parking slightly further away to avoid the expensive.

Spotting Activities
Spotting activities are an activity that we've done for years in Girlguiding, especially when out on walks. That lead me to create these seasonal spotting activities.

Little boy looking at the ducks

Head out for a stroll and see if you spot any of the things on the list. 

Free Events
Here in the UK many of our local councils run a selection of free events, both in term time and holiday time.

Little boy sitting in a red car on a fairground ride

Head over to your local councils website and look for the 'What's on Where' section to see what they have to offer. Events vary and can include sports, crafts, dancing and family fun days.

Most of all though, have fun it's free! 

Mummy Snowy Owl

3 Little Buttons


  1. haha ... I did have a chuckle at the Pets At Home option. I read somewhere the other day that they really hate it when parents bring their kids in like it's a free zoo.
    Oops. I think we've all done it.
    lol #dreamteam

  2. It's always good to have great ideas that are easy on the wallet! #dreamteam xoxo