Wednesday 17 April 2019

Seaside Spotters

We Brits love to be beside the seaside! Whether it be winter or summer, a shock February heatwave or a late summer day, a little bit of good weather sees people flock to the beach and revel in the sunshine.

Lots of you love the sunshine and you love my spotting activities for the kids too, so lets combine the two!

So, can you spot.............

The beach

An easy one to get us started but can you spot the beach? Is it a sand or stone beach? Is the tide in or out?

Someone building sandcastles

What type of castles are they building? Have they dug a moat?

A stripy deckchair

Can you spot a stripy deckchair on the beach or over looking the beachfront?


There's always someone trying to catch wave! Can you see a surfer?

A kite

Just like surfing, you'll always find someone trying to fly a kite! Can you spot a kite?

Wind turbine

Wind turbines are becoming a more familiar site on the UK coastline, so can you see any?

Ice cream

If you're at the seaside there's a good chance you'll spot a child getting sticky with an ice cream? Can you spot someone enjoying an ice cream?

Fish and chips

If you've ever been to the seaside you'll know that a part of that is enjoying fish and chips! Have you seen anyone enjoying fish and chips?

Boat out at sea

Can you spot a boat out at sea? What type is it?

Someone having a paddle

Lots of us love to have a little paddle and feel the sea and sand between our toes? Can you spot anyone having a paddle?

How many on the list have you spotted?

Enjoy the seaside!

Mummy Snowy Owl

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