Saturday 8 April 2017

Easter Wreath

Have your children started their Easter break? Want a craft to fill the time? Do you want to decorate for Easter? Well, if you liked the Easter Bunting you'll love this too! 

Completed Easter wreath hanging on a wooden door

To make the wreath you will need
  • A paper plate or a thick piece of card/cardboard
  • Scissors
  • Pack of coloured card or paper (£1.00 a pack @ Poundland)
  • Glue (50p @ Wilko)
  • String or ribbon (50p @ Wilko)
  • Tape
Craft supplies, including card, paper plate, tape, glue, egg template, pencil, scissors, string

To start if you are using a paper plate cut out the centre. If you are using a piece of card or cardboard you'll need to draw one large circle and a smaller one within it, so it resembles the plate picture.

A paper plate with the middle cut out

Next you'll need to draw out your eggs. You can go for all the same size or various sizes. You may want to make a template if you're not confident or don't have the time to draw them freehand.

Two card egg templates being used on yellow card

Different coloured card with eggs drawn on

Cut out the eggs and then using the glue, stick the eggs to the plate, overlapping them slightly as you go. 

The card eggs being layered and glued on the paper plate

I started with the larger ones and used the small ones for the last few layers.

The card eggs being layered and glued on the paper plate

The card eggs being layered and glued on the paper plate

The card eggs being layered and glued on the paper plate

When all your eggs are used up turn the wreath over. Cut a piece of your string or ribbon and tie the ends together to make a loop. Tape it on to the back of the wreath.

Hang in pride of place and that's it you're done! 

Finished wreath hanging on the wall

Super easy and cheap too, why not give this and the Easter Bunting a try?

Completed wreath hanging on a wooden door


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  1. This looks so simple and so lovely. I'll try this with my child minded kids this week! #SundayBest

  2. Very cute! My kids would love to try this project!

  3. What a lovely idea - quite simple too! Thanks for sharing and for linking to #AnythingGoes

  4. I love a wreath - and this looks so straight forward to make but really impressive! I love the pastel Easter colours. Thanks for sharing with #DreamTeam x

  5. This looks very cute and so easy to make. Perfect for Easter #dreamteam