Monday 30 April 2018

Top Tips For Blogger Outreach

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So you're a blogger and you want to start earning a few £££, but you're not sure what attracts a brand to link up with a blogger. What makes a brand head in your direction with an opportunity?

Maybe you're a brand who want to work with bloggers and you don't know where to start and how to contact bloggers. What makes a blogger want to work with you and promote your brand?

Well here's a few tips for bloggers and brands for successful blogger outreach!

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First, bloggers! Let's start with domains! 

To catch a brands eye you'll probably need a good domain authority, known for short as DA. For this you'll need your own domain (.com). Don't panic though you don't need to build a new website! If you're on Blogger or Wordpress you can buy a domain and still be hosted by them. It's really easy to do and YouTube videos can help you along the way if you're not tech-savvy. 

You're also going to need a clear and well laid out blog!

A blog full of good quality posts is good but add in pages/labels for each type of post makes it great. For example, my posts are clear grouped and categorised, showing the areas I cover. There's pages for Parenting, Crafts, Baking etc.

You'll also need a well written and easy to find about and contact page. Brands who want to work with you don't want want to spend ages searching through your blog looking for your email address! Also, consider buying a template for your blog to give it a more professional look. 

You should also utilise social media!

Get yourself out there and seen by following and interacting with your favourite bloggers, share your blog posts regularly and follow PR companies on Twitter. Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest and Twitter are all popular with bloggers.

Now brands! So, you want to work with bloggers!

First consider your approach. When contacting a blogger either by email or social media always greet them by their first name. Dear Blogger or Hi Influencer come across a bit lazy and are clearly a bulk copy and paste email!

Next, consider your budget.

Don't assume bloggers will support your brand or product for free. Many will review products for free and accept it as payment but if you want a link to your page as part of the review, or there's no product and you just want a link dropping, be prepared to pay for it. Links can affect a bloggers DA so they are unlikely to just let you link drop for free. Remember that for many this is a form of employment. 

If you're still unsure about reaching out to a blogger you can use a PR agency or blogger outreach company to act on your behalf. Sites like Get Blogged act as a middle person between bloggers and brands, arranging paid blogging jobs.

Hopefully, using these tips will help blogger outreach for both blogger and brands and help you work well together.

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