Wednesday 18 April 2018

Ooooo Craft Chocolate

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As a craft blogger I know that the word ‘craft’ can mean a lot of things. It can mean getting sticky with glue and glitter but it can also be related to food and drink. Craft all comes down to creativity and what the creator want to have at the end of it.

You might want to brew your own beer at home, with the possibility of opening a micropub if you have the knack for it. You might want to make birthday cards or wedding invites, with a view to starting your own online shop. Maybe you want to simply bake a few show stopping cakes to share with your friends.

A rise in craft beers and craft coffee came from people being passionate about what they were creating. This passion is spreading and recently I’ve discovered that craft in the food world is spreading over to chocolate! Yes! Chocolate!! Craft Chocolate! Obviously this has made me very excited! Chocolate is one of my fave things. EVER.

Pieces of broken up chocolate

If some of you are wondering what craft chocolate, or craft anything for that matter is, it is when food or drink is created in a traditional, non-mechanical way. Think less mass produced factory chocolate and more of a small business owner with a wooden spoon and apron.

With more and more small and creative businesses popping, bespoke craft chocolate is definitely something you are going to see more of. Whether it be a pop up shop in your town centre or on a stall at your local farmers market craft chocolatiers are on the rise.

But how does it differ to normal chocolate and what is there to offer? Is it just craft chocolate bars up against a whole range of chocolatey treats? Well, no. It has so much more to offer than that!

Individual chocolates, hot chocolate, chocolate cake, muffins. There is so much to try.

Do you want to be creative with chocolate and join the craft chocolate scene?

Well, if you want to start from scratch you’ll need coco beans. Do plenty of research before buying them and buy from a trusted source or company. The beans will need to be cleaned and roasted. This is quickly followed by shelling and grinding, with the beans then being mixed with sugar. The now chocolatey paste is moulded, with temperature playing a key part in the appearance of the chocolate.

If this sounds a little much for you the other option is to buy bars of craft chocolate and go from there.

What can you create? Well, if you fancy melting the chocolate there’s always dipped fruit, or you could make a fruit Pavlova and drizzle the melted chocolate over it! Both are my personal faves!

You could smash up the chocolate and us it for cookies. Eat them warm for a lovely gooey centre!

Then there’s also one of my specialities, Rocky Road!

Rocky Road

Oh and did you know that some of the tastiest chilli recipes also say to include a square of chocolate! It sounds crazy but it really does give it an amazing taste!

What will you create?

Mummy Snowy Owl

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