Sunday 29 April 2018

When Your Baby Isn't So Little Anymore!

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As a parent it can be emotional when you begin to realise your baby isn't so little anymore. Our little boy starts school later in the year and the thought of his first day makes me feel incredibly emotional! How is he starting school already?

One moment they're small enough to hold and rock in your arms, relying on you for everything and in a blink of an eye they 're racing around the house, into everything and becoming more and more independent! 

Little boy holding his Mummy's hand as he walks across a field

At this point it's time to make the transition and admit they are no longer a baby and are now a child. To help this transition, here's a few steps that might ease you into the process. 

Room Changes!

This is one of the biggest steps and something that adds to the realisation that your little one is growing up! When we changed our son's bedroom I had to have a break partway through as I found myself getting over emotional! 

You'll bid farewell to the neutral bedroom and cot or cot bed, and start thinking about how you want to decorate and what childrens bedroom furniture you're going to put in. A bed, maybe a bean bag in the corner, a nice dressing table or chest of drawers, and maybe even a TV is going to be perfect. For decor consider your little ones favourite movie, TV show or team and give the room a little theme. We went from a baby friendly Peter Rabbit room to a proper little boys room with a superhero theme!

Little boy wearing a spiderman jumper whilst being shown how to do spidey hands by spider-man

Let your little one get involved and not only will they love the room more but they'll feel grown up and a little independent too!

More Independence!

The more independence kids have, the move they're going to feel like an grown up. Often one of the reasons kids rebel of act out is because they are not allowed to do as they please. Unable to understand the reasons behind this, the lack of independence can trouble them. Just to be clear though, I'm not saying they should be cooking, cleaning and doing a paper round! Simple things like washing and dressing themselves, including picking out their clothes, will help them prepare for school and feel grown up in the process.

Quality Time

Although your little one is growing up and starting to spread their wings, they are still young and need time, cuddles and love from their parents. The more time you spend with them, the more you will remain close as they grow up. Build memories with your quality time with family days out, holidays or cosy nights in. It'll also give you chance to see them grow and develop as they head to adulthood and become an awesome grown up!

Mummy Snowy Owl

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  1. Brilliant post, made me think. My boys are only 2 but I'm already stressing about them leaving day :) reading your post made me see this in a more positive light.. Even with them growing, we can still have a lot of quality time together... Thank you for this <3 xx