Tuesday 17 April 2018

3 Ideas For A Very British Holiday By The Water

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More often than not, when you think of British summer holidays, it’s likely that you picture a sandy beach in Wales but drenched by the rain! Where holidaymakers dressed in waterproofs and wellington boots watch the horizon while eating fish and chips, huddled together under an umbrella.

There’s a form of grey, cold, damp misery that we repeatedly associate with the British weather, and of course British summer holidays, but it doesn't have to be like that at all!

If being by the sea is a key element of your holiday and you want to avoid the disappointing rain and dampness, here are three places for you to try! So if you're still planning your summer break add these to your list! Both abroad and in the UK they are all quintessentially British but bring you fun by the water!

Camera on top of a British flag

Panama - The place that united Great Britain
This adventure will take you overseas but to a place that played a part in uniting the kingdom, and essentially Scotland and England. The two have found it difficult to unite over the years and across history the King and Queens of both sides have been against each other, with invasions and war a regular occurrence. After Queen Elizabeth I died King James VI of Scotland became King James of England but the two nations remained politically separate until interests in Panama caused them to unite under the Acts of Union in 1707. So why not visit the place that led Britain to become the United Kingdom? Stay in the amazing Marriott Executive Apartments in Panama City and be in the best location for exploring. Start with the most well know attraction the Panama canal, before heading to the Panama Viejo. 

Fall in love with the British canal and river system
If you like the ideal of a canal but don't fancy going all the way to South America why not hire a canal boat and explore the British routes and countryside. Most families choose the Cheshire Ring as a starting spot, with boating fans call in it one of the finest canal rings. You can choose routes from Bristol to the Thames, or even the South Midlands. Travelling by boat can be one of the best ways to visit historic sites, enjoying the peacefulness of the water without getting wet, and if it does rain you'll be tucked up and warm, enjoying a cuppa as you go.

A canal boat on the water

Take the family to the Lake District
The Lakes are a place that thrives equally in the sun and rain. There is so much to explore, with glorious views and paths to discover but there's also plenty that's indoors should the weather turn. This makes it the ideal holiday location for families who want to have adventures but also want somewhere to visit on the cold, wetter, summer days. One of our favourite places is the mock-gothic property, Wray Castle. Like a Disney castle on the outside, it's a completely family orientated inside with soft play and areas full of a very famous rabbit!

A Gothic style castle

Whether it be a sunny break overseas discovering a key part of British history, exploring the water ways and countryside of the UK or following Peter Rabbit with a hop, skip and a jump around the Lakes, there's a British water themed holiday for you.

The only question is.......are your ready and packed for a glorious British summer break?

Mummy Snowy Owl

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