Thursday 26 April 2018

3 Things Parenthood Makes You Realise About Your Own Parents

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Once upon a time your parents were the gatekeepers. The people that stopped you having fun, or at least tried to control it! Admittedly, every child goes through a phase (or five) where they think their parents are deliberately trying to sabotage their pleasure. The world is full of rules and to a child's mind they're just not fair.

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As we grow up we begin to realise that our parents were just doing what was right for us. The reasons and methods behind the rules become clearer, even though you hated them as a child. The biggest biggest change to your memory and perception of your childhood comes when you become a mum for the first time and you suddenly see the world through your parents' eyes.

This can cause you to see your parents in an entirely new light and this realisations may change your relationship with them.

Here's a look at how this can happen.......

Your connection
Some worry that when they have kids they will lose their connection to their parents. In most cases though it is the opposite and your connection will strengthen, with you reliant on them more and more. You will also have the joy of seeing their delight in being a grandparent, which is guaranteed to put a smile on your face and theirs, as it draws the family closer together. 

Time is of the essence 
As a new mum the early days are hard work but they can also be the most blissful. You can spend hour after hour with your baby in your little newborn bubble. How I miss those days!!  As the years pass the amount of time you have with your children reduces, with school, play dates, after school clubs and the like filling up the days. This is all the norm of course and helps raise well rounded, happy kids but it does make you miss those newborn days.

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Experiencing this makes you realise that your parents likely miss you as well, even now your're an adult with a family of your own. For most of us this encourages to spend more time with them and visit them more regularly, whether that be nearby, the next town or retirement communities like Porthaven. You begin to appreciate family time and the time with your parents.

You realise the rules that didn't make sense
On a less emotional note parenthood also brings the realisation that your child self was right and some of the rules your parent put in place didn't make much sense.  You'll begin to notice the rules that were generally for your safety compared with the rules that were more about parents' personal preference.  Your childhood irritation though will be long gone and it's likely that the realisation will simply bring a smile to your face.

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