Tuesday 8 May 2018



Right ladies, lets talk bras. 

Washing line full of bras

Over the shoulder boulder holders. Brasseries. Let's be honest about them too!

They are often uncomfortable, too small, too big and an irritant. Throw having a baby into the mix and your set for more fidgeting and adjusting.  Your wash day bra will soon become your best bra. What if you'd like to jazz things up again? Be a mum but a mum with a nice, yet comfortable, supportive yet, what for it...........SEXY BRA!!

Screenshot of Mila Klunis in Bad Moms in a frumby bra, so it's her sexy bra

Well, this is where I've discovered Hunkemoller can help! Stylish, supportive, comfortable and sexy underwear for a reasonable price.

Now, I know too well how ordering underwear online can go. The sizes are like a fairy tale, make believe. The chances are it's also nonreturnable or you just never get round to returning it and it languishes in a drawer.

You have none of this worry with Hunkemoller! I happily received a strapless bra and can confirm the sizes are true to size and very accurate! 

A black and white strapless bra laid out on a bed with off shoulder tops

Take a look at the lovely packaging and the unboxing in this video!

Bring larger busted strapless bras are always a concern for me but this one really took me by surprise! Not only did it fit perfectly, it was soft, so very soft, and supportive without feeling like a corset! It's perfect for a strapless or off the shoulder number!

A strapless bra laid out

This strapless bra is what dreams are made of! It even stays put with a shimmy! 

A woman dancing

I've also had a look through the rest of the Hunkemoller range and will definitely be ordering from them. Their leisure wear looks super comfy! 

So, if you're in the market for a new bra, take a look at Hunkemoller.

You might be pleasantly surprised!

Mummy Snowy Owl

Item gifted

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