Sunday 20 May 2018

Easy Ways To Add A Little Something Extra To Your Crafts

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Whatever you're crafting, if you're a keen crafter you're probably always looking to find ways of making it a little more interesting. There are many ways of doing this and if you're happy to use your imagination and if you're happy to use your imagination you can make some exciting changes. 

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Whether you are crafting on your own or with a child, using these easy ideas will allow you to add a little extra to your crafts, regardless of what you're making! Bookmark these ideas to make your future craft projects even more exciting than usual!

Add Some Colour

Whatever you're making adding a little colour can always make a craft stand out. There's lots of ways to brighten your crafts, whether it be using paint or powder, or simply changing it up with the use of some coloured glue sticks. Adding some colour can make a huge difference to your finished craft and is easy to do. Use one brighter colour against neutral tones or pastels, or go for a complete blast of colour. 

Try A New Design

Maybe you want to try something brand new, go back to the drawing board and try a completely new design. Let your imagination take the lead with a brand new project and create something different to your usual crafts. Always remember though when trying something new that you will need to be patient and careful of errors to avoid having to start over again.  

Use different materials

Something that always makes a big impact on the finished product in any craft is the actual materials you use. If you're confident enough to try something new, why not change the items your using . The results could change your crafting in a big way. This is definitely worth bearing in mind if you don't want to change the nature or structure of the project itself but want to make it a little different.  Playing around with the materials may improve the finished piece in a way you would never have expected, making it another great reason to try it.

Pile of paper craft items and a few pairs of hands cutting and making different things

Make Something Completely Unique

As a crafter it's very exciting to make things that are entirely unique and one of a kind, so if you're stuck in a rut making the same things over and over it's probably time to try something new.  Creating something entirely unique is one of the easiest ways to add a little extra to your crafts. If you're feeling a bit lost this could get you crafting again. Just like when using new materials though, this can be difficult so again you'll need to take your time but if your craft goes well it could be massively rewarding. You'll have a great finished piece, different to anything else you've made, which should be a huge confidence boost! It's definitely worth trying! 


What if you've tried all of the above and you find it still hasn't made a difference to your crafting or made it any better? Well, it might just come down to the fact that you need a little more practice. The more and more your practice, the more confident you will get and it'll be more likely your projects will turn out just how you want them. So if you want to become an expert crafter make sure you spend sometime practicing with lots of different kinds of crafts to help your confidence grow, which will make a big difference in the future. 

Keep these tips in mind when you craft and bring a little extra to your projects as you go.


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